Building Bombay

To the casual visitor, Mumbai might seem like a boisterous urban sprawl where every little bit of spare space is put to maximum use. But to the long-time resident that remembers the beloved island called Bombay, a trip to town will conjure up nostalgia for more refined times when the wide tree-lined streets were flanked by grand architecture and generous maidaans.

In this handy map you will find an introduction to 25 buildings between the Gateway of India and Crawford Market that chart the city’s journey from small fortress town to global metropolis. Take in the Indo-Saracenic civic structures, Neo-Gothic neighbourhood around the university, or Art Deco vistas around the Oval – the public buildings, private offices and parks all tell a story of how this city came to be.

Written by Sourav Roy and Ruchita Madhok
Illustrated by Pragati Jhunjhunwala

ISBN: 978-81-930656-0-0
Contents: 1 map (A3 size)
Released: 201

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