Storycity Mumbai: Exploring a City by the Sea

It’s one of the rare joys of Mumbai that one is able to retreat to the seaside when the tumult of the streets becomes too much to handle. Refreshing in sultry climes and the lone open space in an evermore-vertical landscape, the sea has been the raison d’etre for the city long before its numerous islets coalesced into a single metropolis. It has been a faithful witness to Mumbai’s story and a stellar character in a stage full of surprising actors.

Casting our nets over the centuries, we have compiled a collection of 24 experiences that explore the city’s relationship with the sea. Set your course for museums, monuments and spaces – our map and book will take you from stem to stern of this bustling island. There are objects to discover, art to see, books to read and stories to uncover about this mad, magnificent city by the sea.

Written by Sourav Roy and Ruchita Madhok
Illustrated by Ruchita Madhok

ISBN: 978-81-930656-1-7
Contents: 1 map + 40-page booklet

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