On Nature’s Trail in Mumbai

As the concrete city of Mumbai rises ever taller above the sea, a few verdant havens still abound. This guide charts places where sparks of natural beauty and quiet greenery flourish in hidden corners, and off beaten paths.

Through a collection of over 20 destinations, this guide offers city dwellers a chance to discover nature’s abundance in green oases, forests and sanctuaries in and around the island city. Whether it’s to walk through parks, flirt with the birds or breathe in the flowers – there’s a reason to visit one of these places in every season. Not just aimed at mature travellers, we’ve ensured that every recommendation is family-friendly. Take a young person along on your adventures, and you might just cultivate a nature lover!

These guides are printed on hand-made paper produced from textile waste. Each copy is screen-printed and crafted by hand.

Written and illustrated by Ruchita Madhok

ISBN: 978-81-930656-2-4
Contents: 1 map (A3 size)
Released: 2017

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